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Profile Songs

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This application will allow your members to upload music tracks to play on their profiles with a nice tidy custom audio player


  • Adds a custom javascript / jquery / ajax music players added to users profiles ( if they have uploaded tracks that is :biggrin: )
  • Allow your members to upload multiple music tracks to their profiles
  • Adds a playlist with all their uploaded music allowing to switch tracks easy
  • Easily edit the track names by clicking and holding the track name in the playlist without having to reload the page
  • Easily reposition the tracks by dragging them and dropping them into your chosen positions
  • Audio player has 4 buttons
    • Repeat ( this will repeat the playing track )
    • Next ( skip to the next track )
    • Previous ( go to the last track )
    • Volume ( toggle through mute / half volume / full volume )
  • Easily delete each track without having to reload the page ( this will show a pop up asking to confirm the deletion )

Admin Settings

  • Choose what groups can upload tracks
  • Select the maximum upload size per track
  • Select the maximum upload limit per batch of uploads

What's to come

  • Lot's gimme some ideas on the support topic 😂

Przejdź do sklepu

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