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  1. Allows members to add comments to forum posts. Set which forums are supported and group permissions for who can add comments. Features Set which forums support post comments. Set group permissions for who can view, add, edit, delete and moderate post comments. Ban individual posts from receiving new comments. Ban individual members from viewing and adding post comments. Post comments widget to display the latest comments. Supports email notification for topic authors and specified email addresses. Supports standard IP.Board 4 comments with support for features like quoting, editing and reactions. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Przejdź do sklepu
  2. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 30% OFF. FROM $20.00 TO $14.00 Requirement: Commerce app. This resource will provide a new way to monetize your board by charging a fee from members to start new topics. The topic created will remain hidden until the payment is processed. Per forum features: Enable the charge Amount to charge Groups to charge Settings: Number of topics per page on ACP topcis list, ACP member profile and public member profile Message style to use in the topic post screen to alert the user about the charge Allow users to pay with Account Credit Payment Methods Tax Class Features: Module on ACP to list all paid topics and their status (paid/not paid) Tab on ACP member profile to list all topics paid created by the member and its status (paid/not paid) Tab on public member profile to list all topics paid created by the member and its status (paid/not paid) Notifications: To admins: when a new topic is created and the payment is pending To topic author: when the payment is processed and the topic is approved NOTE: Guests can't use the feature due to the Post Before Registering. It will require further tests. It may be added on a future version. Przejdź do sklepu
  3. Add sort options to a members manage followed content table. Standard support for topics and forums and additional support for other applications with content items or nodes. Features Support for sorting followed content items like topics, calendar events, download files and most 3rd party applications. Support for sorting followed content containers like forums, calendars, download categories and most 3rd party applications. Allow members to remember the last sort option they selected. Select a default sort option where supported by that content item or container. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Przejdź do sklepu
  4. This plugin allows you to compress HTML. Which allows you to reduce weight and speed up your forum. There are two levels of compression to choose: Hard and Soft. You can also choose the group for which the plugin will work. Przejdź do sklepu
  5. Brian Theme With Beautiful slider large number of settings are available! View demo Professional template with beautiful design suitable for all community We tried to apply classical style and impressive design Easy access to customize the template Buy this template at an exceptional price Enjoy It Przejdź do sklepu
  6. Pages SuperDirectory is a set of Pages templates to create directory sections on your site using Pages databases. Use the full power of Pages combined with a beautiful and engaging template set. You can create any type of directory: Job boards, company directories, links from your field, developers on your site … whatever you want! Check out the live demo! >Live Demo< What’s needed: IPS 4.4 in their most recent version with the Pages application. You should be familiar with setting up Pages database. Your database should use multiple categories and the record image. What is included: A Pages template set for the views: record listing, category listing and record view A settings plugin to customize the directory databases detailed installation instructions as PDF Detailed Feature Description: All featured ordered by template view: General: User Mode. Choose to either feature the record image (default) or the creator avatar (for a directory of members on your site.) Header background color Header foreground color Header background opacity Support for category images using the Category Images app by All Astronauts Category View: Show search form (Yes/No) “Add Record” button on homepage (Yes/No) Use custom header image (linked file as URL) Set custom image as OG:image to make your directory homepage look good on Social Media (Yes/No) FontAwesome record icon (shows next to the record count) Number of category columns (1/2/3) Show sidebar on index (Yes/No) Listing View: Number of record columns (1/2/3/4/6) Show record creator (Yes/No) Show record stats (Yes/No) Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No) Show sidebar on listing view (Yes/No) Show moderation checkboxes (Yes/No) Record View: Show record stats (Yes/No) Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No) Show creation time (Yes/No) Show record creator (Yes/No) Show follow button (Yes/No) Show tags (Yes/No) Show creator contact button to create an on-site private message (Yes/No) Show sidebar on record view (Yes/No) Special features: Turn an image upload field in a mini gallery: Activate the User Mode to create a directory of community members with an option to contact them: Przejdź do sklepu
  7. This plugin allows you to set a daily goal for your forums. Types of goal are: New members - Active members - Posts - Topics Przejdź do sklepu
  8. BOOM 1.0 Dark - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) ABOUT THEME: UserInfoPane integrated in the topic ( so, you dont need plugins for that ) + online/offline status Change Menu Links from ACP ( hardcoded ) MegaFooter ( You can modify the footer from ACP ) Enable / Disable - And change the text Fully responsive ( 100% ) Fully Customizable Social Footer Tab Customizable Colors from ACP If you want the psd files you need to send me a pm Social buttons customizable from ACP Header IMG customizable from ACP Footer IMG customizable from ACP Avatars max 150x300px Fully Customizable sublists When a user post new content ( avatar will change the color in to the principal color of theme ) Animated theme ex : https://gyazo.com/377a7e135e6cef1a7a8d23fe1957fa73 https://gyazo.com/4a43a04c6ecb03654e9f32fcbae8e781 INFO: For minor changes im open for free ( so just give me a pm ) or use the support topic I used FontAwesome For more info's check cyberpixlez webiste INFO 2: It's a beta theme, for bugs check support topic, and everything will be fixed ( mention me ) If you want so see previous theme enter here ( CHECK ALL MY STUFFS HERE ) Przejdź do sklepu
  9. The engagement trap is a race to community activity for the sake of activity. It's usually measured by simple aggregate numbers like the total number of posts, topics, likes, or members. You don't want members to chat. You want members to learn, to advocate, to innovate, to educate, to support, to problem solve, and to enlighten. Many community managers and webmasters enjoy spouting engagement numbers. It's an easy number to brag about. It's an easy number to find. It's also, unfortunately, a terrible metric to measure. Engagement metrics are exhausting since you're aiming for higher-and-higher goals, which grow into unreasonable levels over time. It's misleading, because it's not indicative of information exchanges or quality resources. And it's ultimately harmful, because it encourages participation in socially-charged conversation that are ever more entertaining, more controversial, and more extreme. You don't want members to chat. You want members to learn, to advocate, to innovate, to educate, to support, to problem solve, and to enlighten. Engagement metrics are marketing numbers used to measure audience size and a currency of the attention economy where you're the product. It's an entirely wrong metric for online communities where the goal is not how big you can get, but on how you can help your members. Your Metrics & Your Strategy There's a famous management quote from Peter Drucker that says, "what gets measured gets managed." What you want to measure, and therefore manage and improve, is a reflection of your community strategy and your objectives. Here are some ideas of what you could measure: The number of questions or feedback requests that were answered in high-value boards of functional content The number of educational resources that were added to a certain category The number of new topics that were posted in a growing section The selection of special keywords or tags that you want to track The number of informative reactions that were given out in a certain period The participation of high-value experts in your community Segment Your Community Not all parts of your community should be treated equally, especially if you have a large and dynamic community with several apps and categories. Your community may have a mix of one or more of the following: Educational and functional-value boards Social and member-based forums and boards New sections that are growing Mature sections that have leveled off Different content types and reactions Different groups of members Instead of evaluating your community as one entity, segment your community. This allows you to hyper-focus your attention and grow specific areas that match with specific objectives. For example, I always measure the number of new topics in boards that are educational and informative, since they're high-value functional content. I don't pay attention to mature sections that have reached saturation, but I aggressively track new sections. Measurement & Analysis Invision Community ships with a powerful set of Statistics in the ACP that cover every application. I personally spend more time in Statistics than any other part of the ACP, because it gives me the data and research to inform my decision making. It helps me focus my attention on the sections that matter the most to my community strategy and reveals unexpected insights. The ACP won't have all of the fine-grained filtering or data reporting that you may need. Maintain your own recording, even if it needs to be manual. Conclusion Trying to boost engagement is a race that you'll never win. It has nothing to do with your community strategy; it doesn't measure the value you give and receive from your audience; and it can push you to drive empty traffic with unintended consequences. Independent communities that focus on the hard, difficult work of offering communities of indispensable value will always find growth. It will be the right kind of growth, in the right areas of your community, with the right audience. That's a race that will meaningfully empower your members and your community to the finish line. What are the most important metrics that you measure? Or are you in the engagement trap? Share in the comments below and see how other IPS clients can help. Are you looking to start a successful community powered by the statistics and content management of a modern community platform? Get in touch with IPS, Inc. for a discussion and product demo. Wyświetl pełny artykuł
  10. This is a clean theme for a gaming community. Przejdź do sklepu
  11. Set a custom meta description for all topics that makes use of the existing topic content and title. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Przejdź do sklepu
  12. Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google Design. We have also introduced many interesting features that are unique in standard themes. Comaptibly: Forums, Calendar, Pages, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, Commerce, (BIM) Chatbox FREE, Donations, Trophies and Medals, Post Notes, (aXen) Article System in Pages, (aXen) Secondary Groups Indicator, (aXen) Yours chat entries from Chatbox, (aXen) Contact, - In production (GS) Reputation Points Left, Back To Top, (TB) Bump Up Topics, Clear Notifications, Thousands Separator, Total Time Spent Online, Languages Flags on Board Top, General Statistics Font Awesome 5 The theme is completely compatible with Font Awesome 5. Has a built-in plug (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS. Many animation! Additional animation has been introduced, which will be expanded in next versions. Unique footer! The footer has many settings, but not only! Works with different language versions thanks to language keys. Change the theme from light to dark or from dark to light! By using JS and cookies in your browser, changing the theme does not have to mean reloading the page! Just one button and it's ready! (aXen) Article System in Pages for free! We also attach a system of articles to the purchase of the theme, which is also fully supported by the author. Advanced forum settings Added new highlighted options for forums that have not been read. Top trophies! We've used built-in trophies in the tops, which can be easily turned off in the theme settings. Slider as ipsCarousel We used the built-in ipsCarousel option to use in our theme. You can easily adjust its place and display. (Max 10 slots). Increased visibility of review stars! We have introduced greater visibility and highlighting reviews in the form of placing stars in topics and changing the location elsewhere in the system. New look for posts in the topic! Topic author, user recognition, new setting buttons, adding icons and a new user panel in topic view! Built-in modification (aXen) Record Result Line Installing a plugin for this style is not necessary. Profile highlight! The ability to highlight a profile has been introduced. This option also works on child groups! Notification icons! Icons have been introduced for all notifications. Supported above applications also got support. The new look of the mobile version! Icons for the menu, avatar of the currently logged in user and his name have been added. In addition, a few new settings have been introduced to make the site more enjoyable. Additional widget settings! Some widgets have received a new feature such as (Who's Online), (Topic Feed), (Post Feed). Settings: The theme is being developed all the time! I'm grateful for any suggestions and errors found. You can send all this to me in a private message. Demo: https://1shot2kill.pl/ (Please change the theme in the page footer) Przejdź do sklepu
  13. This block displays any activity stream (default or custom) in a widget. Features: Horizontal and vertical blocks are included Editable title of the block Always uses condensed view Number of items to show in one block (up to 100) Show default stream if no stream is chosen Note: you can create a custom stream in ACP and display it through this widget as well. Przejdź do sklepu
  14. Have the condensed view of the all activity stream load by default. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Przejdź do sklepu
  15. This plugin will allow your members to enter their own links to use as their referral codes for your website Main Features Adds a setting button to the users referral links page in their client area Allow members to generate referral links for Forum Topics Start typing the topic title to bring up a list of topics matching the query Referral link will redirect to said topic Download Files Start typing the files name to bring up a list of files matching the query Referral link will redirect to said file Calendar Events Start typing the event name to bring up a list of events matching the query Referral link will redirect to said event Gallery Image Start typing the image name to bring up a list of images matching the query Referral link will redirect to said image Members Profile Start typing the members name to bring up a list matching the query Referral link will redirect to said members profile Custom URL Add their own URL Referral link will redirect to said URL This only works with internal URL's if they enter say https://google.com it will just redirect them to the sites homepage The settings use Ajax and j-query so changing the values will update all referral codes and it WILL NOT reload the page Required Application Nexus / Commerce How To Install Go to your ACP and plugins Install the downloaded .xml file That's it all done, visit the referrals page and start generating your own referral links Przejdź do sklepu
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